Design Your Lab

Lab Design & Build Out

Decrease time, stress & uncertainty. 

Before you break ground, make sure your building plan, training programs and operating processes are complete. Decrease the time, stress, and uncertainty surrounding the lab build-out process by utilizing our team of laboratory experts.


Laboratory Planning
& Design

Whether embarking or expanding, our experts can help.

Whether you’re a start-up lab embarking on your first build or an established lab looking to expand, the build-out process is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It has a massive impact on the success of your organization and the amount of time it takes before you can reach full licensing and revenue generation. 

We’ve built labs in some of the most stringent requirements across the United States (e.g., California). Plus, this work has been in lock-step with city officials and architects, along with electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers. Our laboratory experts will help decrease the time required, stress, and uncertainty of the build-out process.


Security System
Planning & Design

Peace of mind. We’ve got you covered.

Customize a security solution for your lab. A robust and reliable video monitoring and access control system will protect your employees and business with confidence and peace-of-mind.

We will work with you to ensure that the design meets the requirements of your local municipality, your state government, and of course your own requirements as well.

Vendor Selection
& Financing

Secure the key partnerships your competition can’t.

Through our history in the analytical instrumentation industry, we have been able to secure partnerships with key vendors that are needed for your laboratory. We will use these partnerships to help you secure the best deal possible for the cutting-edge instrumentation that your lab needs in order to stand out from the competition. 

We’ll compile an all-inclusive quote for every item needed in the lab, including analytical instruments to fume hoods to grinders and freezers. Then, we’ll work with our financial solutions partner to develop a financing plan that works for you. 

This service allows you to prioritize your spending through the start-up phase.


Waste Management

Special precautions? Meet effective solutions.

Managing incoming samples to your lab is important, but so is handling the waste produced by the facility. Waste management needs to be seamless, timely, and sustainable to benefit both the customer and the environment. Due to the federally illicit status of cannabis and its psychoactive effect, special precautions need to be taken to ensure that proper disposal procedures are followed. Let us help you find the regulations and rules for waste management and disposal and an effective solution for following them.

Lab Staffing & Training

The backbone of your operation.

A laboratory is only as productive and reliable as its staff. The rapidly growing cannabis market lends itself to high employee turnover rates, as more chemists and microbiologists are needed to supply the demand for testing of cannabis and hemp across the United States and Canada. Our team of recruiters can help you find some amazing talent to join your organization.

Once staff is identified, let us help you run your training program. Our proprietary R&D laboratory located in our headquarters in Foster City serves as a training ground for your team as you prepare to run your lab. Your team will learn valuable skills, techniques, and methodologies specific to the cannabis market, and receive hands-on experience using cannabis products. Through our training programs, your lab will be able to hit the ground running immediately after achieving licensing.


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