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Business Consulting Services

At the end of the day, a cannabis testing lab is a business. 

Knowing that your foundation is strong and that the proper processes are in place and working will give you peace of mind. Launching a cannabis testing laboratory can be a lucrative business venture when done right; however, there are several moving parts and ensuring everything comes together can be a challenge.


Financial Analysis
& Banking Solutions

Is your lab properly capitalized?

For new cannabis testing labs, the 6 months between business conception to revenue realization is critical. Significant investment prior to licensing is needed in order to meet regulatory requirements.

Our strong partnerships with financial institutions can help you get the necessary instrumentation without the significant initial investment by your company. Rhine Laboratories will evaluate your financial situation to help ensure your lab is properly capitalized to weather the start-up period.


Investor Sourcing

We know who to turn to.

Every business needs financial backing to get started, and a laboratory is no different. Our history in the industry and contacts in investment organizations and communities can help you source the necessary funding to build out your laboratory and enter this exciting industry.

Regulatory & Licensing

Understanding an evolving and unclear process.

Every sector of the cannabis industry is affected by continually evolving (and often unclear) regulations. The cannabis industry is extremely unique in that the infrastructure for the industry has outpaced regulatory agencies. Combining this with the current federal status means that each state develops its own regulations, creating confusion and irregularities nationwide. These difficulties are compounded as each state continually evolves their regulations to keep up with the industry.

Let us help you navigate your state’s current regulations and understand the licensing process.



Designed for the cannabis industry.

The countering nature of the state and federal regulations concerning cannabis lends itself to a series of difficulties regarding the sourcing of reliable and robust ancillary services. We have sourced a proprietary insurance program aimed specifically at the cannabis industry that offers higher coverage at a lower cost.

Branding & Marketing

Make an impact. Drive success.

Our team has worked in the industry for over 10 years and can assist in the critical first step that many labs face: securing investment. The search for investors begins with your brand. At the end of the day, your brand is the first impression that the world will have of your company. Ensure that this first impression creates a maximum impact by using our experienced marketing team for brand and website development.


Why work with Rhine Laboratories?

We are your launchpad into a rewarding business venture.

We’ve helped over 40 cannabis testing labs get off the ground by providing the support, tools and partnerships needed to excel and thrive.

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